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Enbridge’s Great Lakes Tunnel Project: A Setback in Environmentalism

Canada’s Enbridge Energy is notorious for the disruption of natural ecosystems and the dismissal of tribal rights.  The oil company has been most widely known in recent years for Pipeline 3, a project which has been largely protested by indigenous communities and grassroots activists and has received relatively large media coverage.  They are also responsible…

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Coca-Cola to Release 100% Plant-based Bottle

The worlds worst corporate plastic polluter is making their bottles 100% plant based in North America. After being named the world’s worst plastic polluter for the fourth year in a row by Break Free From Plastic Campaign, Coca-Cola unveiled its first ever 100% plant-based plastic bottle. The only thing that is not made from it…

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Do You Know What You Breathe?

Air pollution from energy and heating, traffic, and industrial sources, contaminated inland waters, acid rain, and insufficient industrial waste treatment and disposal programs are among the major environmental that Italy is confronting. Although there are exceedances of the EU daily air pollution limit value throughout the EU, the largest concentrations were detected in central and eastern…

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